"The Needs of the People Come Before the Will of the Government"

I am John DeGraffenried and I am running for the US House of Representatives for Colorado District 6 in 2012

I believe it is time for America to change. For all too long, the people of America - the very people that make this nation great - have been trod upon by the very government designed to protect them.

We need real change, not just promises of change. We need to work together as a team, to reunite this country and make it strong once again.

I also want Americans to understand that I am unaffiliated and independent, because I refuse to be part of the Partisan bickering, it is time to stop arguing about what the Party wants and concentrate on fixing the problems. I am also running with no sponsors or budget, because I want to make a point to everyone out there; the common person, not wealthy, not politically supported, still has a say in how the country is run, and their opinions are still valid.

The 99% matter. I am running for those people, the people who are frustrated with America and how everything is going, but feel that their voice is not being heard. I am here to listen.

I encourage voters to read about my platform and beliefs to make an informed vote in our upcoming election. I also encourage people to tell me what they think.

And above all, it is our government, lets take it back.