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Marriage Equality

I believe the Government needs to step out of the Marriage debate, Marriage is up to the individuals church and it is that church that should be granted the right to say yes or no to marriage.

That being said, the government cannot discriminate against Partnerships. I believe the government should only recognize and grant benefits to Civil Unions, and any Civil Union, (be it Gay or Straight) needs to be recognized on a governmental level as equal. This way Every partnership is granted equal rights on a governmental level, without the discrimination

I believe Gay Marriage (and marriage in general) needs to be separated into government recognition and religious recognition. I want to see it where Civil Unions are the only Union recognized by the government, for all benefits, rights and anything related to spouses. Marriage on the other hand is a religious ceremony, and is governed by the religions, so if someone (gay or straight) wants to get married, they only need to find a church that will marry them. That way there is no room for government discrimination, anything financially or rights wise is recognized by the government without involving the religion. It is the religions place to invoke their thoughts on marriage, but not the governments to discriminate against couples.