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In the links to the side you will find my beliefs and ideals, what I think can help the American Government regain the trust of the people.

I know it is difficult, if not impossible, to agree with everyone 100% of the time on all issues and I know that you and I will disagree on some issues. The only difference is that with me, your opinion will matter. I am not here to be your overlord, but I am here to be your voice.

But one thing I need to point out are that these are my personal views, and as a congressman, my personal views are only one voice out of thousands, and sometimes millions, so I put no more weight on my voice than I do anyone else's. If the people of Colorado decide that they, as a majority, disagree with my views then I will follow their voice, because the voices of the people matter, even when they disagree with mine. The only time I will go against this is in a clear case of discrimination or a time when the rights granted to you by the Constitution are threatened, and someone is trying to take them away. Because no matter what, the Government has no right to discriminate against a certain group of people, or take away the American People's Constitutional rights.