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Foreign Policy is a complicated subject with many issues directly affecting Americans. This section is dedicated to my thoughts on these issues.


This country was built on immigration. I favor legal methods. I also think we need immigration reform so that while we don't necessarily throw wide the gates, but make it an easy, organized process so that illegally entering the country becomes less attractive.

We need to balance ensuring the safety of our country with the ease of the immigration process to avoid running our borders like the Berlin Wall but provide security to prevent illegal entry.

In addition I would like to add that I think our policy on illegal immigration needs to be enforced much more. Cracking down on companies that sponsor illegal immigration will be helpful in preventing illegal immigration.


I believe we should go to war if we are attacked, and need to defend ourselves, or to directly stop instances of genocide. Too many times we step in to help people when it is not our affair, spending the taxpayers money and digging the nation deeper into debt. I am all for helping if we are asked (in the case of the Gulf war) but only in a mediator/protector sort of way, securing borders and the like, but not an all out assault when it is not our affair.