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Healthcare needs reform, and a lot of it.

I for one do not think that Universal Healthcare is needed, we are mostly a middle class society and most of us who work full time can afford healthcare, either on our own or through our employers.

We also have 2 broken systems that, if fixed, could resolve most of the healthcare issues we have here - Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicaid is what I mainly want to focus on. It is broken and if we work to fix it, and make it work for us, we would have many fewer issues with healthcare. We need to make it work for people under the lower income brackets - the people who work full time at a minimum wage job, and have children to support - the people who can only find part time work because of the economy issues that we are facing - the people who lost their jobs in out most recent and ongoing recession. These are the people that need heathcare, even if they cannot afford it.

I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, much like education and that all children under the age of 18 should receive free healthcare as well, unless their parents opt out. We offer children free education so that they can grow up educated, with all the opportunities that all other children have, why not give them free healthcare, so that we can assure that they grow up healthy as well. If we take care of the children now, our nation will only prosper later. Now many parents will not like the idea of government healthcare for their children and that is their right, much like education. Parents will always have the choice of buying their own healthcare for their children, much like they can opt out of public schooling, and enroll their children in private schools. We would never take that right away from parents